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From Athens, TX:

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Aavalon Farm

1059 An CR 468

Palestine, TX 75803

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Call: 903-549-2036


Call: 903-549-2286

When available, we sell Belted Galloway Beef (no implants) finished with grass/hay available at all times and fed grains with no antibiotics, hormones or urea. Animals are humanly managed and harvested in Texas and/or USDA inspected plants. We think 21 days in the cooler ages the beef to an improved tenderness. We sell percentages of an animal on the hoof, the buyer pays the purchased percentage of the animal + processing fee and gets the purchased percentage of the beef in the box. Roasts are 2#, steaks cut 1-1/2” thick, round steak is conditioned, and hamburger in 1# packages with no added fat. Go to for nutritional info on Beltie beef (look under the About tab).

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Aavalon Farm

1059 An C.R. 468

Palestine, Texas 75803

Fax: 903-549-2286

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Call: 903-549-2036

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