Date of birth December 03 2009, by Platinum Lifetime Award  sire Driftwood Kingsize (AI) [USD] 8095-B and out of Platinum Lifetime Award dam Holbrook Hill Lilly (AI)(ET) [USD] 20216-B; breeder Lisa and Dick Williams, Stonesthrow. As a weanling, Whitehall was the Belted Galloway Society 2010 Show Bull of the Year; at 13 months the Reserve Grand Champion bull in the American Galloway Breeders’ Association show, National Western Stick Show in Denver, currently a BGS Gold Lifetime Award bull.  American Galloway Breeders’ Association Registration No. [USA] 236579-B. This great bull has a wonderful disposition and balanced conformation with outstanding hindquarters that he passes on to his offspring that are in the Aavalon Farm/Ol’ Geezers show string and in the pasture.

Semen is $50 per straw + shipping, 5 straw minimum. With birth weight reports, semen certificates at prevailing Belted Galloway Society cost.


Date of birth May 21 2003, by Starlite Royal Flush, [USD] 6981-R and out of Starlite Little Dipper [USD] 9852; Arkansas breeder Charles N. Jackson. A balanced long bodied bull with a great personality. Even when you see him you just can’t believe he is that complete. Ivanhoe is a great herd bull that produces low birth weights with our first calf heifers that grow into quality animals (never pulled a calf). Ivanhoe is a very gentle bull that never saw a show ring and never wore a halter. Watch for his daughters in ours and other breeders pastures and in the Aavalon Farm/Ol’ Geezers show string.

Semen is $30 per straw + shipping, 5 straw minimum. With birth weight reports, semen certificates at prevailing Belted Galloway Society cost.


Date of birth January 20, 2011, by Platinum Lifetime Award bull Linetree’s Pistol Pete [USD] 9535-B and out of TT Two’s Dallas Texas Walker 4 [USD] 24848-B by Malabar Farm Harpo [USD] 6797-B; Lauren Olson described Harpo as one of the best grass fed producers bred at Malabar Farm. Since September, 2012 this young bull has been leased to Chris and Claire Johnson, Buffalo Dream Ranch, LLC, Mountain Park Oklahoma who report his balanced conformation and great disposition as passed on to his calves. We look forward to his calves in our herd.

No semen available at this time.

(Pictured on the Left)


Date of birth December 26, 2012, by Platinum Lifetime Award bull Highland Farm Otto [USD] 5997-B and out of Mitchell Ledge Dumfries [USD] 30202-B by Au Domain Nadialine 1F [USD] 9475 [CAN] 1614B. A young bull with enough development to spend his first breeding season leased to Shane and Dawn Warr in Hillister, Texas.

No semen available at this time.


Date of birth May 23 2006, by Rose Farm Maximum [USD] 9055-B and out of Green Arpents Ardent [USD] 7264; Iowa breeder Douglas E. Mortimer reported Scotty’s mother had great milk production passed on through her calves. A long thick bodied bull producing offspring on which herds are built. Scotty was a very gentle bull that never saw a show ring and never wore a halter. Scotty kept his weight and libido in the Texas 2011 draught, a great breeding bull. Due to an accident, we lost Scotty on May 3, 2013. We continue to use him in our AI program building our Malabar Farm/Rose Farm herd.

Contact Aavalon Farm for semen availability.


Date of birth March 13 2006, a Platinum Lifetime Award bull sired by an Australian bred Platinum Lifetime Award sire Ashleigh Signature (AI) [AUS] 617 and out of Gold Lifetime Award dam Antietam Matilda [USD] 20288-B; breeder Lisa & Jeffrey Lovett, Antietam Farm. Special Ed was a long bodied experienced herd bull with a great disposition and easy for us to keep. Special Ed continues to bring established genetics to Texas. Special Ed exemplified this great breed and we truly appreciated him at our farm and continue to use him in our AI breeding program. His calves with Malabar Farm/Rose Farm cows are great functional offspring carrying on his positive traits.

Currently, semen is available through Antietam Farm, Lisa & Jeffrey Lovett, 5600 S. Hickory Road, Oregon, IL 61061, (815) 652-3789, antietamfarm@dishmail.net, www.antietamfarm.com.

Artificial Breeding and/or Embryo Transfer Calves

From time to time, Aavalon Farm may have calves available through its artificial breeding and/or embryo transfer program from the following bulls:

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