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At Aavalon Farm we are the proud stewards of a prairie style barn dating to 1908 and its companion Texas smokehouse. While the hand hewn log corn crib and various work rooms are not used today as they were, the barn is why we are here. It is a constant reminder that we are stewards, not owners, with duties to preserve and maintain that which came before. So it is with the land and so it is with all that is upon the land. A fierce defense of the land, God and Country doing what we believe is right, as it was with our forefathers even when standing alone.

Texas is a young state contrasted to the roots of our Belted Galloway cattle in Scotland. We are young but old. Our name and logo start with the ‘A’ symbolic of the cattle brand first used by this Adams Family in Texas in the late 1800’s and passed down to this generation; then combines the Adams ‘A’ with the AVA of our young granddaughter; and, concludes within the mystery of Avalon’s roles with Arthur at the Lake to create our Camelot – Aavalon Farm.

Texas is a Young State

Look for us as the OL’ GEEZERS SHOW TEAM as we search for places to show and exhibit our cattle. Watch for our steers at local and major shows including Houston Livestock Show. We want to open doors that will draw adults and youth into a world with Belted Galloway cattle to share in God’s peace and tranquility they bring to us each day.

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