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At Aavalon Farm quality animals are a primary goal. Whether in the show ring or on the table, our quest is to be the best and raise the best. We are and will remain a small producer, about 50 Belted Galloway cattle with 4 great bulls. Dynamic livestock industry changes and more State and Federal government regulations demand dedication and rededication each day. Yet we strive to grow and develop quality animals that you will like and enjoy.

We use no growth implants, inject no hormones, and admit no medicated feed to our animals. As we believe in the humane treatment of animals, when needed our animals see a veterinarian and are vaccinated and medicated; we are not organic. We feed and finish with grass, hay, formulated feeds and grains; we are not grass fed.

We are just plain ole farm raised to produce quality cattle with minimal back fat and marbled, good tasting tender meat which we believe is healthy to eat. Our livestock enjoy pastures dotted with pine and hard wood trees; have a few fences; a pond or two; and, a lot of well water spigots. As available, breeding bulls, replacement heifers, and start up herds are for sale as is frozen beef processed in USDA inspected facilities.

Visitors are encouraged and always welcome. At Aavalon Farm we believe you should see livestock before you purchase. We are in the scenic rolling hills of east Texas, in rural Anderson County, about half way between Athens and Palestine, Texas, where you find the closest motels.

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Quality Animals Are The Primary Goal

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